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Treatment for Hair Loss

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I have to admit that the subject of natural oils for hair is very important to me having set out on a journey to find out exactly what actually works best in stopping hair loss as well as what is the best way to encourage hair regrowth. I have been able to establish a variety of natural ways to grow hair and also got the chance to familiarize myself with some of the primary causes of hair loss as well. Talking about primary causes of hair loss, I found out that: Alopecia Areata is one of the conditions which is primarily responsible for round patches of baldness at a very fast pace.
In spite of the fact that the actual cause of Alopecia Areata is yet to be established, it is suspected that it linked to the autoimmune diseases. Interesting thing is that even people without any problems are prone to suffer from this disease. Reports indicate nearly 20% of people who suffer from it because of family history. Good news is that those who suffer from alopecia are bound to have their hair grow back in a few months hence they do not need to worry about treatment

Below is an overview of some of the natural treatment options for hair loss and baldness which have been found to be extremely effective in treating the problem of hair loss.

A few Essential Oils
A recent study included the examination of a combination of assorted essential oils and placebo oil on individuals who had previously been reported as suffering from alopecia areata. The mixture used was made of Thyme, rosemary cedarwood and lavender and then mixed with carrier oils of jojoba and grapeseed. Once ready the mixture was then applied to the scalp daily.

It is equally worth noting that the test went on for several months after which 44% of those who were tested showed significant improvements to their hair.

Onion Juice? 
It involved the intense study of the effectiveness of onion juice in comparison to placebo on people diagnosed with alopecia areata. Interesting thing is that from all of the individuals who were studied, 23 were requested to apply opinion juice onto their scalp at least twice daily for two months. The rest were requested to apply regular water twice daily for at least two months.

What came clear out from the study is that people who were in the onion juice test category had some form of hair growth after undergoing the experiment. This is further supported by the fact that 73.9% had already begun to experience some form of growth. Another thing is very important to note is the fact that hair growth was significantly higher in men more than in the group which had women throughout the entire 8 week period. Very few people in the other groups were able to notice any significant growth.

Everything taken into consideration, you should therefore seriously consider taking advantage of natural oils for hair in case you are interested in having the best hair growth.

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