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Supplement list for body building

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People use supplements for various reasons. Body builders for one are known for their use of one supplement after another. One thing you will notice about this use of supplement use is that it is highly intended to help for muscle growth.

You will be spoilt for choice but it is important to have this list since we are looking to better our bodies through exercise. The top 5 list is given here for you to sample and make a good determination.


If you have not used this supplement, then you do not know what you are missing. This is because this is considered top 5 among the supplements which are used for body building. Muscle growth effectively if you use it.


Make no mistake of leaving this out of your body building regimen. It is considered among the tops for the reason that it is highly healthy and best suited for those of us who are looking to better our muscle growth. It is enriched with proteins as the primary component just like the Creatine. It is safe for use and is actually recommended for those who are targeting double-digits in their muscle growth.

Whey protein

Have you used whey protein of late as part of your diet when building muscles? If not, it is high time you included it in your diet for the simple reason that it is healthy and safe to use. This kind of protein is actually one of the most commonly used by those who want to grow their muscles within a short period of time. As t the name suggests, it is a kind of protein that is made from whey.

Branched-Chain-Amino Acid (BCAA)

Making it to the top 5 of the healthiest supplements to use is BCAA. This kind of protein, as the name suggests has branched amino acids, making it a complex amino acid chain. Your body requires these amino acids as they are the building blocks of life. The proteins as we know them would not exist without the amino acids. It is only natural for you to buy this protein supplement as it will greatly be of help to you. All that you need to do is to buy the right one depending on your body requirements as well as the stage that you are as far as the body building is concerned.


This list would not have been complete without the inclusion of the glutamine. It is hailed as one of the topmost supplements that are used the world over by the body builders. If you have not used it ever, then you need to secure one. Many body builders use the glutamine for faster muscle growth and for sure, you can never go wrong with it.

Of course there are many other options when it comes to the use of supplements but these top 5 give you a glimpse into the things that you need for you to be have an effective muscle growth.

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