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Paleo meal plan to help you lose weight

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If you didn’t know, the Paleo meal is what our ancestors used to eat in their caveman days. They were hunters and gatherers and used to eat a balanced meal. They ate fish, hunted for meat and also diged for wild seeds, nuts, fruits and spices to name but a few. The Paleo meal plan is designed in much the same way but with the intention to help you to lose weight.

What does it take to have a dedicated Paleo meal plan?

The meal will simply be divided into normal meals, that is, breakfast, supper and lunch. You can plan it in such a way that you have a 14-days meal plan. White potatoes can be removed from you day 1 and instead, try out the sweet potatoes, which can be taken together with eggs. This combination will give you just the right energy that you need to start off your morning. Generally speaking, you can always start your morning with foods that are low in the Glycemic index.

The lunch beckons. What will you have? The healthy fats, avocado and tuna will give you just what is counted as a healthy Paleo meal plan. This is the kind of meal that will provide you with potassium and fiber. Of course you can always include the wraps cut of grains with combination of carbohydrates are all that you need to pump up some energy for your lunch.

Snacks for day 1

There is actually no harm in enjoying a snack.  Strawberry fruit leather is just the right snack that you need to feel young all over again.  When it comes to snacking the trick is to eat something that is not only healthy but not make you lousy at all.

Dinner is the most important meal that you should ensure is healthy and balanced to complete the Paleo meal plan for the first day. This can include salmon, green bean salad and an optional salad.  The Dill and lemon baked salmon is a tasty option which balances quite well with the basaltic green bean salad.

As for the snack, you can enjoy the coconut cup cake. The chocolate frosting would be idea once you are through with your dinner. One thing that you will notice with the Paleo meals is that some desserts are likely to make you feel guilty. As long as the ingredients are healthy, the guilt should not be there in the first place.

The Paleo meal for the next 13 days should play around meat, fish, fruits, seeds, nuts and such like. You may not need to eat wild roots or seeds like our ancestors but you will be glad to note that the fundamentals remain largely the same.

The trick with the Paleo meal is to make sure that it includes the healthy meats like the salmon, the meat that is lean, oils, fruits and some healthy grains.

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