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Olive Oil for Hair Growth

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According to reports, hair loss has been a common problem for a very long time. As a fact, it has become more common because of the bad lifestyle. For your good hair Weather acts a big role, For example the sun or pollution, late sleeping habits or bad diet. Whichever the case, hair is neraly the first part of our body to show it. Caring the hair means nurturing it internally and also externally. It is also very important to make sure that prior to take an advantage of any cures, you familiarize yourself with some of the key causes of hair loss.

The sun is the enemy number one. More specifically, we have to keep far away from direct sunlight since it affects both the skin and our hair. As a matter of fact, the sun has been found actually to burn our hair. Reports have indicated that the leading cause of dryness in the hair is excess exposure of the sun. Take note, pollution is very bad for our lungs, hair and skin. This is because of response for a variety of chemicals and dirt cumulating within the body especially when we fail to maintain proper personal hygiene. Just so you know, these deposits are able to raise the acidity level of our scalp and also end up tightening the hair shafts. The result of this is more breakage since the hair is not able to shed off after its lifetime is over.

The question is what affected our bodies resulted in mentioned hair problems? There can be: not taking time off to have a good sleep, opting for crash diets in a bid to stay thin and in good shape, choosing to supply the nutritional needs of the body by taking lots of supplements. You should know that all of these things cause a lot of havoc on the body since they can be easily visible on hair.

After carefully making a lot of research, I have come to draw the conclusion that one of the best ways to reduce hair fall and promote hair growth is to start using the olive oil for hair. It is simply the best answer for all of your woes. Just so you know extra virgin olive oil is by far the purest form of olive oil. In fact it has anti-bacterial properties hence its regular application serves as a guarantee to get rid of bacteria on the scalp and in turn promote the growth of healthy hair.
More specifically, doing a weekly hot oil treatment using olive oil for hair will help greatly improve the health of your scalp and hair in general since it would give it an appealing glossy appearance, a smooth texture and most importantly increase in thickness. Although all of this might take some time, fact remains that you will truly love your new look.

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