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Is protein powder Paleo?

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It is one of the most common and frequently asked questions for gym lovers. They would like to know whether the protein powder is allowed, what it will give, and how to choose it correctly. It’s easy to understand – those who are dedicated to workouts find it easier to drink some substance from shaker and enjoy their muscles in the mirror than to spend days and nights on thinking of a healthy diet and planning each training thoroughly. In other words, maybe it’s not necessary, but is there something unhealthy about it? May a protein powder Paleo be a kind of compromise or the golden mean between a strict diet and a modern lifestyle? Let’s come to know the particulars of all these questions in detail.

What Does Paleo Present Itself?

This term refers to eating real food practically without any processing. People choose it when they want to avoid different additives, harmful chemicals, preservative agents, refined sugar, and so on. This list is almost endless. To exclude the protein from food containing it, the majority of manufacturers make use of particular processing methods. After this, they may combine this protein with some other ingredients in order to provide you with the substance for your green Paleo protein shake. You could hardly agree that the white protein from an egg is the same as the protein in a scrambled or boiled egg as well as the whey protein which is different from a fish or meat dish.

As we have looked at protein powders from this point of view, they seem not as real as processed food, but not as Paleo protein as well. What would you tell about an olive or linseed oil? Bottles with them don’t grow on the trees; they are processed and extracted. Coconut sugar is also the product of processing and it goes through several stages before being packed and presented in the shop. So, before thinking of adding Paleo protein powder to your everyday ration, take into account some important factors.

When Is Paleo Meal Plan Useful?

Of course, it’s good for you if you eat eggs, chicken, nuts, cottage cheese, seeds, fish, milk, and other protein-rich products. Vegetarian-addicted would complete this list with grains and peas, but what if you could have Paleo-friendly protein powder at hand?

  • For example, when you feel need in some extra protein after a hard training or fast jogging, but you are tired of boiled chicken breast and beans.
  • The cooking of protein-rich dish requires some time, but you may be pressed for it or just in a hurry because of your work. One more frequently seen situation here is when you have just some products in your fridge, but they are not enough for preparing a well-balanced dish. As a result, some Paleo protein bars or smoothie would be a great solution.
  • If you need something protein on-the-spot or on-the-way, it’s easier to take Paleo bars than to cook or buy something prepared.
  • When you suffer from problems with teeth (can’t swallow normally or have some other issues), you could hardly eat something solid like meat or chicken. Drink Paleo meal replacement shakes and go to the gym!
  • And the last, but not the least reason, which many gym-addicted would know for sure, is when you want something sustainable and at the same time dream of avoiding eating too much meat being harmful for heart and cardiovascular system.

Now as you have decided on taking Paleo approved protein powder, it’s time to get to know with the most important tips of choosing it.

How to Find the Most Appropriate Paleo Powder for You?

It’s not a good idea to pick up the cheapest or just any primal protein powder bottle you have found. You should choose the one being the most suitable for your physical condition so that it could be effective for you taking into account your work, lifestyle, and financial possibilities as well.

Look at the labels to make sure of Paleo ingredients. Take these notes into consideration:

  • Paleo meal whey. This protein presents itself a combination of globular proteins, which are separated from whey. This liquid reminds of the leftovers of cheese making and consists of essential amino acids. Those people who are intolerant to dairy produce would better choose another source of protein as it contains the traces of lactose. The level of protein can be different in it: concentrated (cheap, but not so pure), hydrolysated (of high quality and is characterized by its ‘pre-digested’ structure), and isolated (concentrated and the most expensive). Is whey protein Paleo? It’s a debatable question. As whey is derived from dairy product, it could hardly be called whey protein Paleo in all senses; still, it is a great source of protein. All in all, whey is the most popular choice among athletes as Paleo diet whey protein is cheap and really working.
  • Casein protein. It’s considered to be the second protein derived from milk. It’s not as perfectly absorbed in blood as Paleo whey protein, but it can supply amino acids to muscles some time after and help you to achieve the desired visual results. Bodybuilders always take it before going to bed, but for people intolerant to milk and dairy products it will become a real headache. There is a tendency which many athletes follow: they think that casein in combination with whey is perfect for consumption and assimilation, but this mixture appears to be less Paleo-friendly than whey itself.
  • Egg white. It contains all significant amino acids and is free from lactose, so it’s suitable for almost everyone. This protein is made of whole egg whites and so it’s highly bioavailable. 30 grams of them contain 24 grams of pure Paleo meal protein.
  • Plant-based protein. Such powders are lower in protein than sources mentioned above since they may not contain all amino acids being essential for the body. Nevertheless, they can be ideal alternatives to vegetable lovers and lactose intolerant people. In the market you may find powders produced from rice, hemp, quinoa, and other vegan sources. Although most diets advise to avoid many grains because of their antinutrients, there are some useful tips to follow. Legumes from green peas and beans are allowed at the diet, while sprouts reduce the antinutrients and increase the bioavailability level. This fermentation has a positive impact on toxin deactivation and digestibility. Besides, these vegetables are ideal for smoothies and Paleo approved protein bars.

It’s also worth saying that even the best Paleo protein powder is just a supplement as it can replace some meals, but not all of them. Professional bodybuilders using this powder get enough calories by eating 3 or 4 more meals from other products. As a result, their ration is well-balanced and nutritional. Dieters who try to lose weight and just drink Paleo shakers are most likely to feel lack of many ferments, microelements, and vitamins. Such a calorie-restricted diet is unhealthy and the person choosing it takes the risk of nutrition deficiency. So, by choosing Paleo protein powder, don’t exclude other products, but combine and make some replacements from time to time.

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