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How to choose Paleo approved protein powder

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The Paleo approved protein powder is not your average protein powder. It has to be approved. There are a number of things that you will have to look at to ensure that what you are getting is quality.

Label nutrition facts

A journey to finding the best Paleo approved protein powder starts at the label. Here all the nutrition facts are displayed for you to read. The truth of the matter is that what is usually given on the label and what one gets are totally different.

They are all supplements

The idea of quality Paleo approved protein powder seems to be washed off when we think about them in terms of supplements. They are not regulated and neither is their purity confirmed. It is the consumers who suffer because they get less than what they bargained for.


There have been reports which have confirmed that some of the protein powders that we buy in the market today are contaminated. They have what we call anabolic steroids. Do not be surprised to find that they also contain arsenic, cadmium, and mercury among other harmful compounds. One needs to be extra careful when buying these products. Unfortunately, if you don’t have the discerning eye, you will be duped to buying what is not healthy for you.


Ask me about a good protein powder and I will direct you to its source. The truth of the matter is that you will always find some suspicious sources of the protein powders that we consume. The processing bit is low and one might never know if the protein came from a waste of the cheese making process.

Meat is a better option

Where one wants to minimize the risk of compromised protein, going the beef way seems as the plausible option to take. The cows from which this meat comes from should be well fed exclusively on grass. The grass in turn should have been grown without use of fertilizers or chemical pesticides. This way, you are assured that you are getting quality protein.

Converting whey into powder

We need to understand the process through which whey becomes a powder. The process is definitely heat intensive. This basically means that you are more likely to have the protein denatured by the high heat. The carcinogenic load is one of the effects which arise from this high-heat process.

Whey and the dairy factor

The reason why whey is not highly regarded when are looking at the Paleo approved protein powder is that it comes from dairy. Dairy protein by any chance is considered to be a less than pure form of protein. This would mean that you could be short-changed if the manufacturer claims that what they are selling to you is a pure protein.

Anyway, there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking the whey protein as long as you can be tolerant to the allergens that come with dairy. In fact there are those who consider whey to be a healthy supplement.

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