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How to choose a Paleo friendly protein powder

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Whenever you go out to buy a Paleo protein powder, you will most likely find those that are whey protein powder. The question then begs: are these Paleo friendly protein powder products? The answer is an emphatic no! These are dairy derivatives hence not what you are looking for. When soy is added, it spoils the mix.


The best Paleo friendly protein powder is one that has undergone further processing. The minimal processing makes it a quality product for your use. Avoid the instant zed products that are prepared and sold to you for a song.

Avoid the chemical additives

Much of the so called Paleo friendly protein powder products we have today have chemical additives in them. The genuine ones do not have any chemicals in them and are in fact the most recommended.


Some companies add preservatives to their products to make them last long. However, these preservatives affect the nutrient value of the Paleo protein product. As much as possible, look for the ones that are free from preservatives. Check on the label to confirm if the preservatives are included. If there, then this is not a genuine Paleo friendly protein powder.

Refined sugar

One of the most common ingredients that you will find in the local Paleo protein products is refined sugar. It is not supposed to be part of the ingredient.

Hydrogenated oils

One mistake we make when we go out to buy Paleo protein products is to ignore the presence of these oils. They are highly harmful and lower the quality of the product.

Natural ingredients

The key to finding the best Paleo protein product is to ensure that the ingredients shown on the label are natural. This way, you will be guaranteed quality. Check for any weird sounding chemical names: they are deliberately included there to make you think that the product is original.

Confirm from the manufacturer

When you are buying the product for the first time and you are not sure about the details, simply contact the manufacturer for clarification.

Unflavoured protein powders

When choosing the Paleo friendly protein powder, go the mildly flavoured or the unflavoured varieties. This is because they are generally highly flexible.

Should have whey

Well, this sounds pretty obvious. You will however find that whey is an important ingredient of this product. It is the globular proteins you find when whey itself is separated from the proteins. The partly liquid is rich not only in the proteins but the amino acids as well.

Watch out for the lactose

The lactose intolerance is common in many people. As a result, everyone should be careful when choosing the one that is made from the dairy products. Lactose is generally the milk sugar and as we know, milk is a dairy product.

Casein protein

If you are body builder or are looking to grow muscles, this is the kind of protein that you should look out for in the product.

Seek for plant protein and egg white for protein varieties.

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