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How to choose a multivitamin

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For a fact, your body requires over 40 nutrients. Is it possible to be so healthy as to be able to get all these nutrients from the food you eat? You will not be surprised to learn that no matter how healthy you think you are, you will still most likely miss a vitamin or so. This is the main reason why we are advised to take a multivitamin together with other foods just to be sure that you are getting just enough to keep you going.

Before we even go to the choice of the said multivitamin, we need to appreciate the fact that we are the authors of the misery we find ourselves into. Ideally, we tend to subject ourselves to unnecessary strict dieting regime which denies us the vitamins that our bodies require. The poor appetite that is slowly being manifested in most homes has been the bane of the lack of sufficient nutrients. When we change our dietary choices, this tends to impact on the health that we want. Lastly, we will have food choices which will affect our health. In essence, we need to be pragmatic by making healthy choices in as far as food is concerned.

If you are intent on getting multivitamin that will suit you, then you should know this procedure.


What is the label saying about the kind if multivitamin? You will find that in most cases, much of the information about will be displayed there. The label will indicate the kind of multivitamins found in a given product. If possible, read through it to have an idea if this is kind of vitamin that you are looking for. Many people have fallen prey to fake advertisement owing to the fact they are not well informed on what they should be looking for in the vitamin supplements.


Have you ever heard about the Recommended Daily Allowance?  If not, this would be a good starting point. Generally speaking, you will find that some of these vitamins are required at certain percentages. You will thus have 10% of the RDA for instance. If it exceeds or goes below this percentage, then you should think twice before buying it.


The best multivitamins do not just contain only the vitamin that you are looking for. They will have antioxidants among other vital nutrients needed in the body. It behooves of you to check if there are additional nutrients needed. The more the extras, the higher the value of the product. You will thus stand to benefit a lot from the use of such a product.

Age and sex formulations

One thing that you will need to know is that the formulation will be different for both men and women. For instance, you will find that men will require more of certain substance than the women. On the other hand, women will have a high demand of another substance than men. Finding the right equation will mean that you benefit the most from what you will be taking.

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