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Essential Oils For Hair

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Everyone wants lustrous, luxurious hair, not only to look good but also to feel good about themselves. It’s a given that if you look good, your self esteem rises. Your hair, being more or less the centerpiece of your appearance, contributes a great deal to how you come across to others. As much as hair largely takes care of itself, so to speak, there are certain essential oils for hair that are beneficial to your hair and may be used for various purposes. The use of essential oils for therapeutic and beauty purposes is almost as old as civilization. The makeup of essential oils is sometimes composite with hydrocarbons like aldehydes, esters, lactones, ketones, alcohols, phenols, terpenes and sesquiterpenes combined to give therapeutic benefits.

The various kinds of essential oils for hair can be obtained from extracts which can be used to enhance store bought blends or can be used just as they are manufactured. It is important to note that they have to be used in small quantities because of their high concentrations. They are used for the treatment of dandruff, dry scalp, itchy scalp and to stimulate hair growth.

Lavender can be used to treat different conditions including dandruff and is also beneficial if one has an itchy scalp. It can be used to prevent hair breakage and to stimulate its growth. Alopecia areata, a condition where one loses clumps of hair can also be controlled by using lavender oils. Growth stimulation can be achieved by massaging the scalp daily and you can observe the results within some months. It can mix well with other essential oils and other oils that dilute essential oils to help them get absorbed into the skin, known as carrier oils or base oils, like rosemary, jojoba and tea tree oils.

Inflammation of the skin can be controlled by using Chamomile oils which help to soothe the scalp and treat itchy scalp or dandruff. Rosemary is also ideal for treating itchy flaky scalp and stimulates the follicles which results in strong hair. Tea tree, when combined with other essential oils, is also a very good treatment for dandruff. It’s also used to moisturize the hair and keeps the scalp free of bacteria and fungus by opening the sebaceous glands to release the scalps’ own moisturizing oils and getting rid of dead skin cells. The root hairs require proper blood flow to ensure proper growth of hair and this is stimulated by Peppermint.

Essential oils for hair are an integral part of your hair care regime including other uses, and once you find the best one for them they can be sure of excellent results always. Essential oils can be used for anything and on the plus side, they actually produce results.

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