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Coconut Oil Hair Care Tips To Help In Healthy Hair Growth

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Coconut oil is squeezed from shredded dry coconut pulp. For a very long time people have used coconut oil for healthy benefits like hair growth, skin care, improving digestion and immune system. Coconut oil will enable you to maintain your hair and beauty appearances. Coconut oils is also used in preventing hair protein loss which can cause hair breakage and also helps in hair growth, healing of dry and damaged hair and enhance the hair silk appearance. Proteins are essential in making the hair so it is important to keep healthy diet

Hair wash routine it is very important, when washing your hair will remove the excess sweat, oil and dirt from the hair and scalp. Although washing your head every day can dry out the scalp and the hair since you will be washing away the oils that the scalp produces to keep the hair silk and shinny. When you wash your hair on a daily basis you will cause the oil glands to produce more oil than they should and this will lead to oil hair. Wash your hair at least three to four times a week this will give your hair a break to restore its balance and make sure to apply coconut oil before washing to reduce the loss of hair proteins.

Coconut oil hair is tangle free, easy to comb and style. After washing your hair pat it dry with a towel without wringing it out and avoid brushing the hair while still wet to avoid it becoming weak, then gently apply pure coconut oil and comb it using wide toothed comb to avoid breakage. Coconut oil hair mask is very essential for strengthening and repairing dry damaged hair, it will help to nourish and restore your hair giving it the bulk, shiny and silk look. Coconut oil also can be used as a natural hair anti dandruff remedy. It improves the scalp hydration and moisturizes the head to prevent scratchy and dry scalp that will cause dandruff. Hair experts recommend coconut oil to protect the hair from dandruff, sun damage and to remove sebum that might have build up on the hair follicles improving hair growth.

Coconut oil hair care will also include proper nutrition which is very essential for healthy hair. Hair roots and follicles are fed through blood veins, blood carries nutrients to the follicle, any time you experience stress this can affect the hair growth and appearance so it is important to use coconut oil to massage your scalp this will increase blood circulation in the scalp therefore increasing the supply of nutrients and this will accelerate hair growth rate. Hair damage and breakage can be caused by the chemicals found in the hair cosmetics that you use or a prolonged heat from styling tools. Dry scalp and rough hair will cause splitting and falling of the hair. Coconut oil will increase scalp nourishment and reduce hair breakage.

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