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Choosing the best paleo protein powder

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There are situations that necessitate the take of paleo protein powder. A good example are the people who have a difficulty in digesting large amounts of proteins like the fish and meat due to the low level of stomach acid, bileinsufficiency and other digestive problems. When such things manifest themselves then an addition of the protein powder is very helpful.

There are different important factors for one to consider when choosing paleo protein powder which include:


By being tolerable means that the protein powder should not cause any adverse reaction to your body. Although many people go for whey protein, it somehow tends to react to different people. So when choosing a protein it is important to ensure that they are tolerable to your digestive system so as to eliminate any bloat feeling.


Quality in this case will refer to source of the protein, its processing and finally how it is manufactured. With the knowledge that possibility of tons of junk are out there then you should be extra careful when it comes to using protein powder. It is highly advised for you to choose the protein powder from the highest possible quality product you can lay your hands on.


Bioavailability here means the ability of the protein being completely absorbed. It is well known that plant proteins like the pea, rice among so many others have a lower bioavailability. In this case then considering the animal protein like the beef, egg among others is the only way to go.

With all that information at the back of your mind, it is now very easy for you to choose one of the best paleo protein powder. There is one of the powder that has been available called pure paleo. This is one of the protein powder that is very unique due to the following characteristics:

  • It has the most powerful beef so as build the muscles, cartilage and ligaments. All these are ideal for those people who engage in hard training, theelderly, athletes and the category of people who suffer from chronic ailments.
  • The source of protein is of high quality grass fed cows. In this case any chance of having GMO meat that is full of hormones and antibiotics is eliminated.
  • The other thing is that the protein powder is free of dairy, gluten and legume. This makes it one of the most truthful protein that is in existence.
  • The other most powerful characteristic is that it made from hydrolyzed beef protein. By being hydrolyzed in this case means that it is highly pre-digested. This therefore makes it easier to be broken down into smaller peptides that are easily absorbable. This attributes hence makes it more bioavailable than most of the protein powders that are in the market.

This pure paleo comes in different varieties like vanilla and chocolate. You can either mix it with almond or the coconut milk. You can add other things like the greens, vegetable juice or even the berries.

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