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For those who frequently use vitamins, it is important to be familiar with the best organic vitamins. Even before we look at the specific examples, one thing that you need to know is that these vitamins should not have been made from chemicals or anything synthetic. Be quick to note that the best organic vitamins are the ones that are made from the organic food materials.

The other issue you should look out for is that these vitamins should be made from the wheat germ, yeast, barley, liver and the so called super foods like flower protein.

Label reads ‘organic’

One of the commonest mistakes that happens when one is buying these organic vitamins

Is that the label will read as so only that it is a decoy to make you buy the product. Most synthetic vitamins will get away by just using the words since they only need to justify that there is presence of carbon atoms in the food. These are the ones that you will have with ingredients like acetate, nitrate, and succinate among others. Once you see these ingredients, just know for once that you have synthetic product instead of the organic vitamins you are supposed to be taking.

Buy from authentic online stores

It is important to buy your organic vitamins from reputable online giants like Amazon. This is because they are less likely to sell much of the synthetic vitamins sold in the backstreet. There are groceries, pharmacies and food co-ops which sell genuine vitamins which are organic. Make sure that you buy the original package as much as possible.


One thing you need to know is the cost of the vitamins. There are no two sites where you will find the same price for the vitamins. Type and size of the bottle are major determinants when it comes to the cost.

Is it certified?

You need to ask yourself the question of certification. There is USDA and other organizations which certify products. If the product is certified, it means that you are having as a product that is genuine. On the other hand, if they are not certified, you will possibly be dealing with synthetic ones, they are not certified and thus, you could be compromising on quality. The manufacturers of such synthetic products add some few of the materials used to make the original ones but the price remains on the higher. Lecithin and bran are mostly some of the products that are added to make the synthetic as a way of dilution.

Look for concentrated forms

The deal with organic vitamins is that they come in concentrated forms. Wheat germ, yeast and sometimes liver. They make highly enriched and nutritious varieties of vitamins.

Lastly, the effectiveness of the vitamins is a good measure of the best quality of the vitamins. One thing about the synthetic ones is that they are half as effective as the original ones. This goes far to show the importance of the authentic products.

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