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Best natural vitamins

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Did you know actually all the vitamins that we have are not equal in terms of importance? This explains the whole difference between the natural vitamins and the synthetic ones. Our bodies will generally derive the vitamins that they need through these ways:

Naturally occurring

Some of natural vitamins are the ones that the body manufactures on its own. A good example that will suffice is vitamin K. You only need to eat healthy to ensure that you are healthy. The other well known is vitamin D which we derive from the rays of the sun, absorbed via the skin.

Food-contained vitamins

The natural vitamins can also be derived from the food that we eat. This could perhaps explain why the food that we eat has to be as healthy as possible. One is advised to optimize these vitamins in foods by ensuring that you are taking a balanced diet. In this case, a balanced diet would be one that contains all the nutrients for a healthy body. Unfortunately, it is not always that we are able to eat healthly, hence the choice for supplements.

Use of supplements

This is where the bone of contention is for the simple reason that we cannot simply be sure that we are getting the natural vitamins. The criteria that we are going to suggest here will guarantee you that you have the best natural vitamins possible.


When you set out to buy the supplements, one thing that is very important to find out is which ingredients are used. If they are not organic, then you will not be guaranteed of quality. Be wary of the so called ‘organic supplements’. The manufacturers can easily get away with it by simply diluting through ingredients by including a sprinkling of some ingredients to make their products pass for natural ones. Only the ingredients name can help you to separate the synthetic from the natural ones. If you see glutamate, nitrate and acetate for instance, you should avoid it in totality as this will essentially mean that you are getting a raw deal. The natural vitamins do actually contain all the natural ingredients with no additives.

The natural ingredients in this case would be the likes of liver, whey and the other healthy alternatives. As such, it would be very helpful to identify that these are available in their natural form, forming the bulk of the ingredients.

Level of concentration

The concentration in the ingredients will be of much importance when choosing the natural vitamins. The natural ones, unlike the synthetic will be highly concentrated. The synthetic ones, as earlier noted would be diluted hence not the best option. It would be important to be aware of the fact that vitamins and minerals should be as organic as possible. This would greatly help, knowing that nothing synthetic ones.

In conclusion, one should be wary of the vitamins they are using owing to the fact that you need something healthy for premium nutrition. This only happens if you are able to secure the natural ingredients.

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