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All you needed to know about Paleo protein

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Boosting one’s work out and a quick recovery after workouts are two of the reasons why one would need Paleo protein. Ingredients are the key to finding true Paleo protein. Many just buy anything written Paleo protein and add it to their smoothie.

Getting the genuine one is not for the faint-hearted. One would need to find the real protein powder that has undergone the right procedure processing procedure.

Avoid these foods

Much as you would want to eat something healthy, there are some ingredients that spoil the quality. They include soy protein , gluten, preservatives, sugar and dairy.  Unfortunately, you will find that most of the Paleo protein products stocked in the GNC are not genuine ones.

Should be digestible

The protein that you choose should be easy to digest. The tummy upsets and indigestion that we are confronted with very day as a result of the wrong combination of ingredients. There are, admittedly, some proteins that are best suited for even the most sensitive stomach. Go for beef, rice and egg protein for a healthy treat of the whey protein.

Amino acids are part of the reason why one would go for egg protein and not others. Grains on the other hand for the simple reason that they have gluten.  Rice tends to be different in that it is very much different from other grains. Animal-based ingredients are considered far much better than the plant protein in some aspects. Rice makes a good alternative .However; you might be advised to choose the brown rice varieties instead of the white ones.

The source of the proteins

The choice of the proteins is a different thing altogether when it comes to the selection process. Not all the animal protein would be the same quality. The chicken, goat and the other domestic animals should be tended for in a humane way. If they are not taken care of when feeding them, they tend to produce inferior protein.

Pesticides and other inorganic elements are known to dilute the quality of the meat. As such, if you are looking for the best meat, then ensure that they feed on everything organic. In simple terms, the best grazed animals which are fed in grass, hey and other feeds that have been carefully selected.  It is expected that it might tedious but then, quality does not come easily. Your manufacturer should be able to   explain to you where they source the proteins.

What is the difference between the isolate and concentrates?

The concentrates are the best forms of proteins because ordinarily, they are more processed. If you go for the natural ingredients, then you will get this .. on the other hand, you will find that the isolate are  even purer.if you find a protein that is about 94% pure, then you can be sure that you have a  an isolate.

The sensitive stomach

Those of us who have a sensitive stomach will find ourselves leaning towards the concentrates as they are  the real products.

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