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6 Best Oil For Hair Remedies You Didn’t Know About

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When someone looks at you the first thing that they will most probably spot is your hair. This implies that having good hair plays a vital role in the impression you create about yourself. Hair that is poorly maintained not only taints your image badly but can also lead to other problems. Some of the hair problems are very expensive to treat, for instance baldness that only need hair transplants.

Did you know that the using the best oil for hair and having a healthy diet leads to improved hair growth? Most specialists recommend to apply the oil at night before sleeping. This is because it gives enough time for the oil and the hair to interact thereby producing good results. If you are looking for the best oil then this is the right article for you.

Almond Oil

Almond is not only used for hair treatment but also for the skin. This is because it is rich in nutrients required by both organs of the body. Some of the nutrients available in almond oil are vitamins A, B and E. these vitamins play a big role in the fighting of dandruffs. The oil is also an excellent source of magnesium a mineral required for stimulating hair growth. If your skin is very sensitive and can be irritated quite fast then you need to use sweet almond.

Tea Tree

Tea tree has two major benefits in that it can be used for massage and for fighting infections. When used for massage, the oil relaxes the body. In addition to this, it has the ability to fight infections. It has been found to not only protect you from ingrown hair but also encourages growing of hair that had originally stagnated. If you have hair lice, all you need to do is to add a little of this oil to your shampoo when taking a shower.


This is also one of the best oil for hair remedies that has been used for a long time. Over the years, castor oil has been given to people suffering from intestinal issues. It has many other uses ranging from a remedy for arthritis, hair fall as well as skin infections. Because it is rich in vitamins the oil is good in fostering growth of hair. If you have an infection in your scalp then this is what you need.

Pumpkin seed

This is one unique seed that is rich in zinc, fatty acids and also contains high amounts of vitamins. It is well known for reducing the loss of hair, for strengthening of hair and reduces the irritation of the scalp.


Primrose is known for its antioxidant properties that are needed in protection against hair loss. Apart from nourishing the hair, the oil contains high amounts of potassium, calcium among many more minerals. For good results it is advisable to it consistently.


Rosemary has been for a long time in stress relief. This is because it has the ability to sooth the mind. It has also been found to encourage hair growth.  If you are looking forward to darkening your hair then rosemary is what you should get.

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